INTRODUCTION: The construction of railway networks in Greece began at the end of the 19th century in two geographical areas simultaneously. First includes Macedonia and Thrace with the construction of networks to be under the responsibility and supervision of the Ottoman Empire and then the independent countries that were created after its dissolution (like Serbia, Bulgaria), but also Greece, which developed, after the victories of Balkan wars. In the second, where with the efforts of the governments of the then newly formed Greek State for railway develepment, are included first, the wider area of Athens and then the area of Thessaly with its annexation to the Greek State and the Peloponnese came next. WIth the developent of the basic railway networks, we have the development of smaller networks also, equally important, which served and still serve regional and provincial areas, thus contributing to their development. The order in which the description of the networks follows is purely temporal, without distinguishing between the Greek state and the Ottoman Empire. In addition to the above, there were occasional (there are still some) industrial and military networks, most of which are paved with 60 cm wide lines (Decauville type). From the military networks, the one of Aridea will be presented, as well as the corresponding one of Sarakli - Stavros, which were also used for the transport of passengers in regular transport. (For more information, click the red area of company).

- Railway Line Athina - Pireas: Contract signing 14/10/1867 and inauguration of the line 27/2/1869.

- Railway Line Alexandroupolis - Andrianople (today Edirne Turkey): Contract signing 17/4/1869 and startup 6/1872.

- Railway Line Adrianople (today Edirne Turkey) - Serabey (today Septemvri Bulgaria): Contract signing 17/4/1869 and inauguration 20/6/1873.

- Railway Line Thessaloniki - Skopje: Contract signing 17/4/1869 and startup 1873.

- Railway Line Pirghos - Katakolon: Project auction 1/8/1881 and line completion 3/2/1883.

- Railway Line Larissa - Volos: Contract signing 11/9/1881 and startup 23/4/1884.

- Railway Line Athina - Kifisia - Dionissos: Contract signing 4/5/1882 and inauguration of the line 4/2/1885.

- Railway Line Athina - Lavrio: Contract signing 4/5/1882 and startup 20/6/1885.

- Railway Line Volos - Velestinon - Kalambaka: Contract signing 13/5/1882 and startup 16/6/1886.

- Railway Line Korinthos - Nafplio (Arghos - Mili Nafpliou): Contract signing 22/6/1882 and line completion 4/8/1886.

- Railway Line Pireas - Athina - Korinthos - Patra: Contract signing 22/6/1882 and line completion 10/12/1887.

- Railway Line Patra - Pirghos: 1st contract signing 5/1887 and line completion 29/3/1890.

- Railway Line Krioneri - Agrinion: Contract signing 24/12/1887 and line completion 1891.

- Railway Line Mili Nafplio - Kalamata (Lefktron - Megalopolis and Asprochoma - Messini): Contract signing 30/4/1888 and line completion 4/11/1899.

- Railway Line Diakopto - Kalavrita: Contract signing 10/3/1889 and commencement of exploitation 10/3/1896.

- Railway Line Pirghos - Olimpia: Contract signing 24/3/1890 and line completion 29/8/1891.

- Railway Line Kavassila - Kilini - Loutra: Contract signing 10/5/1890 and line completion 29/8/1891.

- Railway Line Thessaloniki - Monastiri: Contract signing 28/10/1890 and commencement of operation in 1894.

- Railway Line Polikastro - Fere (Thessaloniki - Alexandroupolis): Assignment of exploitation 10/9/1892 and commencement of operation in 1/4/1896.

- Railway Line Volos - Milies: Contract signing 26/5/1893 and commencement of operation in 2/7/1903.

- Railway Line Pirghos - Kiparissia - Meligala: Contract signing 19/3/1900 and line completion 9/1902.

- Railway Line Pireas - Demerli - Papapouli (Border Line): Start of construction of line in 1900 and finished construction of line 22/7/1909.

- Railway Line Papapouli - Plati: Contract signing 12/1/1914 and inauguration of the line 26/5/1916.

- Railway Line Skidra - Promachi and Apsalos - Orma: Start of construction 7/1916 and finished construction 8/1918.

- Railway Line Sarakli - Stavros: Start of construction 14/11/1917 and finished construction 1/4/1918.

- Railway Line Kalambaka - Kozani: Contract signing 27/8/1925.

- Railway Line Amfipolis Port - Nea Zichni: Start of construction in 1938 and inauguration of the line 5/5/1940.

- Railway Line Strimon - Koulata (Bulgary): Start of construction in 1943 and completed reconstruction in 1966.

- Railway Line Aminteo - Kozani: Start of construction 1/1951 and commencement of operation in 31/1/1955.

- Railway Line Pireas - Kifisia (EHS - HSAP): Signing a concession agreement 23/7/1954 and finished construction of line 10/8/1957.

- Railway Line Isthmos - Loutraki: Inauguration of the line 1/8/1954.

- Railway Line Pireas - Athina - El. Venizelos Airport - Korinthos: Commencement of operation in 30/7/2004.